A collection of research publications executed by faculty and staff of MIT Open Learning.

Journal Articles

Taajamaa V., Majanola AM., Bagiati A., Guo X., Leppanen V. (2017) University Education as a Pathway to Innovation: Perspective on Building Students Innovation Capabilities in Sino-European Education Set-up. Journal of the European Higher Education Area. Volume 2017 Issue 3.

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Subirana B., Bagiati A., Sarma S. (2017) On the Forgetting of College Academice: at "Ebbinghaus Speed"? (Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM), 2017-06-20) (Available here)

Bagiati, A., Chabowski, A. J., Moksh, J., Sahu, S., Sarma, S., (2016) Merging Education and Brain Science: Exploring the academic landscape and identifying the common ground. ODL-TR-2016-1 (Available here)

Bagiati, A. (2011) Early engineering: A developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children. School of Engineering Education, Purdue University.

Blueprint for a Renaissance University. Written by Professor Sanjay Sarma.

A. Bagiati, B. Subirana, S. Sarma  (2017) "Examining STEM Learning through memory retention A research agenda" Proceedings of the 45th SEFI Conference, 18-21 September, Azores, Portugal

Developing an Online Course: Challenges and Enablers. Research conducted by: Aikaterini Bagiati